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Many itineraries will bring you to  the wonderful marvels of our territory where you will enjoy uncovering the history, art, nature and archeology hidden in this wonderful area.

Many of the naturalistic tours, which for the most part offer an alternative to using your automobile, have been planned for people who love to walk and have the time to discover the beauty of our territory by walking along antique paths that cut throughMediterranean  fields and meadows of the area surroundingMantalbano.


the Way of the EtruscansA new project is starting: “The Way of the Etruscans“.


The route of the Way of the Etruscans from the Etruscan town of Artimino in Tuscany and, after passing through the valley of the Bisenzio and having made ​​stops in Prato (Gonfienti), Vaiano-Montecuccoli Montepiano – Lake Brasimone, Grizzana Morandi, then crossed the Apennine watershed, reaches Marzabotto (the Etruscan Kainua) by connecting the current regions of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

The route of the Way of the Etruscans could actually have been followed by the ancient people as traces and renovate an old track that has probably been used in Etruscan times, because it is the easiest route according to the morphology of the hills and is also reflected in some testimonies highlighted from scientific research that attest to the presence of man in ancient times.

The Way of the Etruscans, varied and breathtaking views can be completed in 5-6 days.


The two Etruscan museums, the National Etruscan Museum “Pompeo Aria” Marzabotto and the Archaeological Museum “Francesco Nicosia” in Artimino, are the two terminals cultural and logistics to which we can ask for the credentials and travel certificate for traveling, one at starting another arrival.


More infos: http://www.laviadeglietruschi.it/



Carmignano: a casket in the hills of Tuscany

Download Free APP to know the territory of Carmignano and its riches

An audio Free multimedia guide thanks to IZI.Travel technology to discover an area rich in art and history of the territory.

A walking path that can be done in one or more days maybe planning of stops in accommodation in the area. The nature trail winds through the relevances artistic and archaeological historian who characterize the territory, not exhausting all relevances of the territory, but tracing a very interesting itinerary.

The itinerary that we propose twist through the hills of Carmignano territory along the old routes linking its villages, crosses the myrtle scented woods, skirt large vineyards and terraced olive groves, and reaches along the way the jewelry that testify to the whole its past history. The itinerary can be divided into three courses to be sailed in one day (not recommended if you want to linger quietly to visit the places), preferably in two, but olso in three days.

The route starts from the monumentale Etruscan tomb Montefortini Comeana and reaches Artimino which houses the Archaeological Museum, the majestic Medici Villa “La Ferdinanda”, the Etruscan necropolis of Prato Rosello, the church of San Leonardo.

The second part of the route linking the village of Artimino with the archaeological and natural area of Pietramarina. The route passes through the forest and touches the aforementioned church of San Leonardo, the Abbey of St. Martin in the Field, and the church of San Giusto, before boarding Pietramarina.
The third part is expected to reach the Fortress of Carmignano, the parish church of San Michele, the small Museum of the Vine and Wine, and then return to Comeana. However you arrive, wherever you decide to go, you should not leave this area without admire the “Visitation” by Pontormo, adorning an altar of the said church of San Michele in Carmignano.

The app is available on App Store – Google Play Store and Windows Phone.

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