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Where is the museum

Archaeology Museum of Artimino “Francesco Nicosia”

Piazza San Carlo, 3

Artimino, Carmignano (PO)

Ph: 055 – 8718124


Located in an old wine cellar, the new Archaeological Museum in the village of Artimino was inaugurated in the spring of 2011.

The Archaeological Museum of Artimino was first opened in 1981 and inaugurated in 1983, thanks to the cooperation of the Comune of Carmignano and the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana, and found its first home in the basement of the  Medici Villa  “la Ferdinanda”.

The Archaeological Museum  illustrates Artimino’s history when it was an Etruscan city  through artifacts that have been found in the area over the last fifty years.

This area, from the Orientalizing period of the Etruscan civilization(VII century B.C.) has been an important center with extraordinary cultural and economic development:  this phase of strong economic growth is undoubtedly tied to the fertile soil but above all to its strategic geographic position, at the meeting point of the  rivers Ombrone Pistoiese and Bisenzio in Arno, which allowed the city to control the commercial routes that connected Etruria proper with Etruria Padana and other regions to the North and East of the Appenine mountains.

The new museum has been named “Francesco Nicosia”.

Virtual visit of the museum

How to get to Artimino

Firenze Scandicci Exit:

- Follow the indications for  Pisa-Livorno that will bring you to the  Firenze-Pisa-Livorno Superstrada. Once you have passed the Lastra a Signa e Ginestra Exit you will take the  Montelupo Fiorentino Exit, and from here on you will find indications for  Artimino.

There will be three stops and you must always keep the right; you will find yourselves on the SS 67and you must follow the signs for Firenze for  5,5 km. until you see the entrance to the  town of  Camaioni, on the left you will see indications for  Artimino which is  2 km away.

Distance from major nearby cities:

Arezzo: 75 minutes

Empoli: 15 minutes

Firenze: 20 minutes

Montecatini: 45 minutes

Prato: 20 minutes

Pistoia: 35 minutes

S. Gimignano: 60 minutes

Siena: 65 minutes

Vinci: 15 minutes

Volterra: 85 minutes