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The findings

Ground Floor – The World of the Living

The museum is organized on two floors and the entrance presents visitors with artifacts from the “World of the Living” that come from  the fortified area of Pietramarina as well as two separate settlements in Artimino named “The Field of Pheasants”, located in Viale Giovanni XXIII, the area of the Medici “Paggeria” and various religious structures.

Discover the artifacts by navigating  the museum map:

museum map

Pietramarina Artimino settlement

The Lower Level – The World of the Dead

The lower level is dedicated to the “World of the Dead”.  The exposition begins with The well tomb “The Prato Rosello Warrior” that begins the golden era of Artimino between the end of the eighth century B.C.  and  beginning of the seventh century B.C..  More artifacts from other tombs at the Prato Rosello necropolis follow many of which have never been shown to the public before: all of those coming from the burial chamber of Tumulus B, those from Tumulus D,H,Z,W, X and other objects from the area surrounding Tumulus A, in addition to the artifacts from Tumulus C that includes the famous bucchero incense burner and the balsamari series.

New acquisitions can also be seen in the room dedicated to funeral sculptural from the Archaic Age , with artifacts that take visitors from the area around the Grumaggio farm to the extraordinary Grumaggio symposium to funeral sculpture in the Hellenistic age.

A large area is dedicated to the Comeana necropolis, with the Boschetti tumulus and the grandiose Montefortini tumulus with two tombs that housed wonderful artifacts, many of which are visible to the public for the first time: two incense burners and a series of plates and cups in bucchero, beautifully decorated, the extraordinary turquoise glass cup, elements in bronze and an exceptional series of ivory objects: storied platelletes, pyxes, male and female figures, animals– both real and imaginary, drilled elements.

Discover the artifacts by navigating the museum map:


Comeana necropolis Boschetti Funerary Greek sculptures Grumaggio Tomb  Archaic funerary sculpures Grumulo Necropolis of Prato Rosello