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World of the dead

The lower level is reserved for the Necropoli, “the World of the Dead”, extremely precious funeral objects that have come from the tombs of Artimino, Prato Rosello Grumolo, Grumaggio and the Necropolis of Coimeana with the Tumuli dei Boschetti and Montefortini are on display.   The tomb of a young man who has been identified  as a warrior because of the  offensive weapons and armor was found in his tomb has also been  reconstructed .

  • Necropolis of Prato Rosello - Artimino
  • Many graves in which it was possible to recover portions of their kits in burials lacking most of the monumental structure. One can see on this page the famous incense burner from the Tumulus 'bucchero' C, a breastplate of brass and a biconical vase from Tumulus B

  • Archaic funerary sculptures
  • The territory of Artimino returned some fine examples of his sculptures from the Archaic period covered in the class of so-called "stones of Fiesole". It is possible to see in this page a sandstone stele and a memorial stone.

  • Tomb of Grumaggio
  • In 1942 it was found occasionally in place of a tomb Grumaggio jar that has returned valuable artifacts. It is possible to see on this page to a large crater with red figures painted columns with scenes of Dionysian world.

  • Hellenistic funerary sculptures
  • The discovery of funeral urns in the Parish of St. Leonard demonstrates the existence of a Hellenistic necropolis nearby. It is possible to see on this page one of the urns carved with a representation of the journey to the underworld.

  • Necropolis of Comeana
  • The old road Comeana, following the right bank dell'Ombrone was probably the limit of large farms, whose owners were presented to the traveler with the burial mound for them and their families is in this area that have been found finds of rare beauty.
    possible to observe in this page a plaque decorated with engraved ivory, olla cineraria, a small sculpture of a winged lion and a female figure carved in ivory in the round, a plaque coated ivory carved in low relief, a pyx of ivory, a cup of turquoise glass.