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World of the living

The museum’s exposition is organized topographically and chronologically and is spread over two floors:  the upper level is dedicated to the territory’ population and religious areas, “the world of the living” and presents artifacts that come from the fortified site of Pietramarina and different settled areas around Artimino - for example the food container, ceramic vases used in the home and during ceremonies, artifacts used to spin and weave fabric and objects from religious buildings.

  • Findings from the archaeological area of Pietramarina
  • In the excavation area of Pietramarina was brought to light a deposit of dolii the Hellenistic period. It is possible to see the page in this kneading and Olla Dolio on the dough.

  • Findings from the archaeological area of Artimino
  • In the archaeological site Artimino there were found significant evidence suggesting the presence of archaic Etruscan settlement widespread especially on the plateau that links the current Artimino village to the Villa Medici. it is possible to observe in this page "Stele" of sandstone and sandstone memorial stones.