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Treasures of the territory

Artimino campagne vicino al Barco Reale

Carmignano is in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by a balcony of vineyards and olives, that stretch form Montealbano to the Florentine-Prato-Pistoia valley; a small but flowering town.

The splendid architecture that was brought to light during the 1960s revealed an extraordinary cultural and economic flowering of Artiminio in the Etruscan period. The vitality of Carmignano’s territory in the following centuries can be seen in the wonderful Medieval and Renaissance architecture, the ceramic Bacchereto production, and artistic masterpieces like Pontormo’s “Visitation”, and finally in the spaces dedicated to contemporary art.

The prestige of the well preserved monuments, the variety of natural resources, the vast landscape dotted by the surrounding hills, the quality of the wine and oil production are the true riches of Carmignano and they truly make a visit to this area in the heart of Tuscany unforgettable.

To get in touch with all the vents on the Carmignano territory, please visit the website of the municipality