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Archaeological Areas

Splendid architecture, that have been uncovered from the middle of the nineteen sixties to today by the  Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana, have revealed an extraordinary culturaland economic flowering of the Etruscan city Artimino and the surrounding area during the “Orientalizing” period of the Etruscan civilization (VII century B.C.) and its place on a circuit of exchanges that covered a vast range.

The primary testimonies of the Monutmental Necroplolis of Comeana are made up of aristocratic tumuli with the grandiose  Tumulus di Montefortini that is not very far from the  Boschetti Tomb, the necropoli di Artimino Prato Rosello, as well as the remains of a living settlement at Artimino and the Etruscan settlement in the naturalistic archaeological area of Pietramarina.