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Local Products

Carmignano is home to antique traditions and flavors, many of which have been handed down from generation to generation.

The first product to come to mind is Carmignano’s wine, with its world famous DOCG denomination, it comes from some of the smallest vineyards in Italy that provide excellent quality for their price.  Then of course there is the olive oil that is still made in the Etruscan tradition from hand picked olives.  And who could resist the skill and sun in a dried fig?    Chosen as a protected food by the Slow Food Organization for ins unforgettable quality this special treat was first described by the Roman agronomist Columella.

From Poggio to Malva, Artimino, Camaioni,  Comeana, La Serra, Carmignano, Santa Cristina a Mezzana,  Seano,  Bacchereto,  Colle e Capezzana, this area provides endless occasions to relax and try local specialities while to take in the incredible art and history of each town.

The area around Carmignano offers many opportunities to try its eno-gastronimic specialties.  The recipes that make up  our local cuisine have become synonymous with simple but elegant cuisine that everyone loves.

All things considered visiting wine cellars, villas and farms allows visitors to discover this wonderful territory and its history:  a suggestive experience that offers a unique view of this historic area.