One of the local products are dried figs Carmarthen, niche product, listed among the 455 local products protected by the Tuscany Region.

Si tratta di una coltura limitata, rara in Italia ed unica in Toscana, grazie alla particolare tecnica di lavorazione, tutta carmignanese, che utilizza metodologie non invasive ed in pieno rispetto con l’ambiente. La lavorazione viene infatti effettuata in modo tradizionale, secondo il sistema adoperato dagli antenati.

From the very distant past, in the Tuscan countryside and the fig tree was brought up in an almost exclusively promiscuous and its culture has always had a connotation of the family business. However, in some areas of the Province of Prato, this ancient Mediterranean plant has been cultivated and is still quite intense, often associate with vineyards and olive trees, for a production directed not only for family consumption, but also towards outside. This is the case of Carmignano, where he developed an industry for the production of dried figs, very popular in the markets.

The varieties grown in the past in this area were undoubtedly more numerous than those present today, so that from recent years 90% of the plants belonging to the cultivar “Dottato”, the white fig that lends itself very well to dryness, as well as having excellent organoleptic characteristics for consumption by fresh. In any case, a number of varieties is still preserved to this day, just for the character of family culture, then generally not subject to genetic improvement activities.