Archaeological Areas

Etruscan necropolis
of Prato Rosello

Archaeological Areas

Etruscan necropolis
of Prato Rosello

Artimino, Carmignano (PO)

Etruscan necropolis (late 8th – 6th century BC) characterized by the presence of the tumulus tombs.

Proceding from the village of Artimino in the direction of Prato Rosello, after reaching the Medici Villa and turning right towards Poggio alla Malva, immediately after the tennis corts, you take a long path that allows a pleasant immersion in the local flora and fauna.

Necropoli di Prato Rosello

Tumulus C

From the above you have an extraordinary view of this side of the hill, which slopes significantly towards the course of the Arno and which must have appeared, from the earliest stages of Etruscan history, dotted with mounds, some of which are still very evident due to their characteristic hemispherical conformation of the external profile.

Tumulus B

Numerous tombs have been identified – most of then already devastated over the centuries – some subjected to archaeological investigations with happy results: the most striking cases are that of the Warrior’s Tomb of the Tumulus B. Extremes interesting are The Well tomb of the Warrior (end of VIII-early VII century B.C.), found intact inside Tumulus B, and that of Tumulus C, with a beautifully preserved staircase, from which comes the famous bucchero censer (last 20 years of the VII century B.C.)

Other visible monuments are the rectangular chamber tomb of Tumulus B, with a long access corridor and paved area in front, and the Tumuli A, X and Z, with rectangular chamber tombs.

Prato Rosello Necropolis

The archaeological site is located in Artimino, near the Medici Villa. The necropolis can be reached by descending along the paved road towards Poggio alla Malva and taking the first path that branches off to the left after the tennis courts of the Medici Villa.
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Always visibile.

Travel time: 15 minutes by foot. Easy route.

Option for educational visits

Info and booking at the Archaelogical Museum of Artimino
Tel. +39 055 8718124

Free guided tours every 1st Saturday of the month

Meeting at 9.30 at the Tumulus of Montefortini in Comeana.
The visit will continue to the Necropolis of Prato Rosello in Artimino (transfer by own car) if the weather conditions allow it.
Reservation is not required.

By the Carmignano Archaeological Group

N.B. Visits do no take place on 2 June and in August.