Archaeological Areas

Etruscan tumulus
of Montefortini

Archaeological Areas

Etruscan tumulus
of Montefortini

Comeana, Carmignano (PO)

The Montefortini tumulus is the main witness to the extraordinay knowledge of the cultural development of the Carmignano territory during the Etruscan times and is one of the most important monument of the Tuscany.

Direzione Regionale Musei della Toscana

The artificial hill, twelve meters high, hosts two tombs.

Tumulo di Montefortini

Tholos shaped tomb

The most ancient one, placed in the center, is a tholos shaped tomb (circular room) with vestibule

The oldest, located in the center, is a tholos shaped tomb (circular room) with vestibule and circular cell with a diameter of more than seven meters, with a shelf behind the closing of the upper dome. The tholos – featuring a terrace-altar devoted to ceremonial funerals, ortogonal to the drum and bounded by a pseudo-tiers – returned to light a rich grave set, which has been subject to a complex restoration, not yet concluded, that includes a rare turquoise glass bowl, a series of plates on top of a foot “bucchero” such as a vast number of carved or engraved ivory objects, high and low relief all round: plates, small figures of men and women, but also animals, floral elements, combs, which shows the relationships these great Etruscan families had on an international scale, either political and economic.

Tumulo di Montefortini

Inside of the Tomb quadrangular Chamber

Some years after the construction of the tholos, as a result of a collapse that could be due to a strong earthquake, a rectangular chamber tomb was built, with an open monumental entrance hall at the bottom of which a large trilithic portal allows access to the quadrangular vestibule and then to the cell, with a shelf in correspondence of the upper part of the walls and roof slabs projecting to a fake vault.

The findings relevant to this second set, very fragmentary because of the repeated pillaging over the centuries, however, attest to the wealth of the family and its potential for even international relations.

Tumulus of Montefortini

Direzione Regionale Musei della Toscana

Via Montefortini (Comeana) – 59015 Carmignano (PO)

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Tel. 055 8719741

Timetable October 2022:

every Thursday  10.0am – 13.00pm
Sunday 16– 30 – 10.00pm – 13.00pm

The tumulus can also be visited in case of rain

Free Entrance

Option for educational visits

Info and booking at the Archaelogical Museum of Artimino
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Free guided tours every 1st Saturday of the month

Meeting at 9.30 at the Tumulus of Montefortini in Comeana.
The visit will continue to the Necropolis of Prato Rosello in Artimino (transfer by own car) if the weather conditions allow it.
Reservation is not required.

By the Carmignano Archaeological Group

N.B. Visits do no take place on 2 June and in August.