Kids 6-13 years

The game of the Pegasus

Kids 6-13 years

The game of the Pegasus

Made specifically for young visitors to the Archaeological Museum, the “Game of the Pegasus” allows you to explore the world of the Etruscans and in particular the testimonies of the Artiminese territory with a playful and interactive approach.

The traditional subjects of the “game of the goose” have been replaced with images of the objects exhibited in the museum and with other representations that recall the most significant moments in the life of the Etruscan world (the sacrifice , the banquet, the funeral ceremonies) and the place where they took place, vividly represented by the artist LUCA VIVIANI.

It is played individually or in teams, by rolling the dice, and advancing on the board, but you can run into some obstacles!…
You can play inside the Artimino Museum, directly observing the exhibits accompanied by a guide, or you can play at home or at school using the boxed game.


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