Wine making was already introduced to this area by the Etruscans (as numerous utensils used in wine cellars and wine containers testify) – The Medici family used to even send their wine as precious gifts to people that they wanted to engratiate themselves to.

The history of Carmignano is very long: the Grand Duke Cosimo III was the first to define the characteristics of the “Carmignano” wine which he regulated in 1716. It is the first regulation of what we now call a geographically denominated product. Today the consortium that has been created around this prestigous wine is the smallest of the consortiums that produce D.O.C.G. wines.

Wine reflects the spirit of the people who live around these beautiful vineyards.
Thanks to the sun that ripens the grapes that have hung from the green vines for over a thousand years, Carmignano has one DOCG (Product of a controlled and guaranteed origin) and four DOC (Product of a controlled origin) wines.
The best known and loved wines from our territory are two reds Carmignano DOCG and Barco Reale DOC, wines that come from the same vine (like the Vin Ruspo DOC), but represent two different phases of its ageing, the second being sold younger than the first.
The very famous and refreshing rosé M Vin Ruspo DOC and the amber Vin Santo DOC, are both excellent when paired with Amaretti from Carmignano.
Vin Ruspo and the excellent Vin Santo have boasted of a controlled denomination since 1982, while Barco Reale received this honor in 1994. Carmignano , the smallest DOCG in Italy, had already received this title in 1990.
From the vineyards of this area, along with Chianti Montalbano DOCG that is produced without the addition of Cabernet, there are many wonderful white wines that are produced in a very limited number of bottles.