The Space Art Alberto Moretti / Schema Polis was inaugurated in 2008 by the city of Carmignano, in consultation with the Region of Tuscany, in order to reserve a specific environment to contemporary art exhibitions.

The area has been dedicated to Alberto Moretti was born in Carmignano in 1922, which, in his early twenties, he began his long and fruitful career in art. Strong-willed and energetic, is considered one of the greatest entertainers of the investigators and the discussion of art in Tuscany, over a period that began in the ’40s, still continues. In 1972 he was among the founders of Schema Gallery, the historic crossroads of international art in Florence until 1994.

His paintings, the collection of art and documentary material preserved in the gallery home-studio in Carmignano, where, in 2004, was inaugurated on “Yard Art Alberto Moretti,” sponsored by the Region of Tuscany Among the projects within the art collections are periodically exposed to the new art Space Alberto Moretti / Schema Polis, alternating with other exhibitions of contemporary art curated by Raul Dominguez.